Questing: A Failed Tale

QUESTING was the story I started for NaNoWriMo ’15, and the tale which has reignited my creative fires. I’m determined to finish this behemoth after falling in love with my main character, Cara, and the world in which she struggles to redeem herself.

On this page, you can find my “table of contents,” each linking to a chapter of the draft-in-progress for my Beta Reader Team to read and offer insights. In order to read my chapters as a beta reader, however, you’ll need a password. This password can be obtained by either contacting me directly via the contact form below, or by subscribing to my newsletter, which will also keep you up-to-date on the progress of the promised bestiary-companion for QUESTING and other short stories that I post here on the website.

I’m sorry to lock QUESTING away like a damsel in a tower, but I want a grand Publisher Knight to rescue her. This is the only way I can avoid having my “first electronic publication rights” be breached unintentionally. (Besides, it gives you an excuse to come visit my corner of the internet!)

With that, let me say happy reading! My email is always open for any and all observations, critique, and insights that you, my beta reader, cares to offer.

Chapter One: Job Application
Chapter Two: Tavern Work
Chapter Three: Cockatrice
Chapter Four: Theft
Chapter Five: An Offer
Chapter Six: Departure
Chapter Seven: Wyverns
Chapter Eight: Lever
Chapter Nine: Escaping the Prime
Chapter Ten: Downriver
Chapter Eleven: Kaprid
Chapter Twelve: Bunyips and Fever
Chapter Thirteen: Waking
Chapter Fourteen: History
Chapter Fifteen: The Skeleton Feast
Chapter Sixteen: Underground Treks
Chapter Seventeen: Sewer Rats
Chapter Eighteen: Captain Blake
Chapter Nineteen: Hot Spring

[Note: This is a very rough first draft. It’ll probably be overhauled to the point of scenes cycling around, merging, or otherwise becoming subsumed and morphed into ghosts of their former selves. There are ridiculous repetitions, odd phrases, and awkward combat scenes that are endemic in first drafts. So please, be nice, and understand that this might change at any time.]