About Me

I’m a budding fiction writer, though I’ve done a lot of non-fiction work at my day job in the last two years. (My current master doc of all written blog posts is 213 pages long, and I haven’t updated since April 2015.) If you’d care to see some snarky bits of marketing advice, let me point you toward my LinkedIn blog.

Still, that’s probably not why you’re here. You want to know my story, not what I have to say about someone else’s, and that’s… a bit more difficult to do.

The best way to get to know me is to ask. You can go to my Twitter, Instagram, or Twitch channels, if you’d like to start a conversation; I’m usually poking around somewhere.

But in the meantime, the best thing I can tell you is that I love to tell stories. Everything you’ll find here, there, and anywhere connected to me will have to do with telling stories. Whether that’s the story of companies, of an industry, or how my dog figured out how to nestle underneath the comforter and startle my husband out of a deep sleep, it’ll be a tale for the ages and one worth telling.

If that sounds like something that interests you, I’ll encourage you to sign up for my newsletter where I’ll be sharing original stories every month, as well as giving folks the opportunity to beta-read longer works in progress, including Questing: A Failed Tale.

For now, welcome, and I look forward to talking with you more in the days and years to come!