February ’16 Housekeeping

Hello, you lovely internet people, you!

It’s been a while, I confess, but I’m back and here to stay (with a little luck and discipline). So! Let’s get to it, shall we? I’ll catch you up on what’s been going down.


If you haven’t been reading Questing: A Failed Talethen I’ll be whacking you across the nose with a rolled up newspaper and instructing you to sign up for my advance reader newsletter, which will have the password that unlocks the draft version of my novel. I’d advise you catch up soon so that you’ll be ready for the next chapter.

Yes, I am still writing, and will be trying to get chapters out on a quasi-regular basis here before too long. It’s fully outlined at this point, and just needs me to put fingers to the keyboard and type.

^ That was my writing philosophy, but NO LONGER!

On that note…


The lovely and talented Michelle Li, art student extraordinaire, has kindly decided to take my money after much begging and pleading draw the bestiary companion to Questing, which I am absolutely pumped about. The bestiary will be primarily based on “real” monsters from medieval bestiaries and legends, with a few original additions and modifications from yours truly.

Right now, we have the cockatrice finished—a full body pic and a head study, which I’ve been using liberally all over the site—and a final wyvern design approved. Once I get the “final” image, I’ll post them here as a sneak peek.

She’s tackling the bunyips next.

Yeah. All dignity evaporated with this news.


I want to start writing more “flash fic,” which are shorter, bite-sized standalone stories on a regular basis—just to keep the creative juices a-flowin’. Introducing…

Writer Wednesdays!

From now on, I’ll spend some time every Wednesday writing a short story that’s unrelated to any of my longer works. They’ll probably be based off of /r/writingprompts or just random snippets I find. Hopefully you guys will dig ’em!


Yep! My newsletter for Advance Readers is currently in the works. My plan is to release this newsletter monthly for all Advance Readers (“Stryke Force” members), which will include:

  • Early access to new stories—including some written only for Advance Readers!
  • First peeks at drafts of bestiary monsters and other projects, like podcasts and videos—and eventually a free digital copy of the completed bestiary as a “thank you” for being part of the Stryke Force!
  • Giveaways, including books and PC games (TBD)
  • Polls for story ideas, giveaway prizes, and random shootin’-the-breeze questions
  • New password for all Questing chapters (exclusive to Advance Readers)

So go ahead and sign up if you haven’t already. I promise, it’ll be worth your while!

And that’s about all I have for housekeeping in February. (Now, to actually WRITE all of this…!)

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